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Poison River Station, day 512

Happiness! Today saw the first ever rehearsal of the PITA MORGANA band, with O. on Guitar, Y.A. on Drums and your humble servant on Bass and Vocals. Worked on "Ectoplasma" and "Monica", the latter turned out so nicely that a recording was made. I listened to it all day. I still do, as I write …

המשיכו בקריאה

Poison River Station, day 502

Confusion! Been to A.H.'s place. It seems he will NOT be Morris, after all. In fact, it seems that we're going to rewrite much of Episode I. But it was definitely enlightening. I'm hitting H. with everything I've got in order to get him to write a revised draft till the end of the week. …

המשיכו בקריאה

Poison River Station, day 498

What is this frenzie?! I just completed writing lyrics for three (3!) songs for the PITA MORGANA band, including the series' opening theme ("The Universe in a Pita"), a horrible ripoff of "Daisy Daisy", and a tribute to our very own Monica Computer. Tomorrow – H. and myself are meeting with A.H., who might play …

המשיכו בקריאה

Poison River Station, day 496

Another progress with the casting: A., a very cool actor, stormed in this morning (by phone, I admit), and joined our rank. Then, after slightly banging my head on the wall for not thinking of it before, I called A.H., a guitar player and script writer on his own, with whom I worked in the …

המשיכו בקריאה

Poison River Station, day 488

A quantum leap with the Radio Play today, as I., the main (so far single) to be actress, visited the station and was introduced to the script (and vice versa). I was so charmed – I can already see that she will fit the role beautifully, and she was enthusiastic about the project, against such …

המשיכו בקריאה

Poison River Station, day 442

Is it possible that the station is drifting slowly towards the river? Or is the river simply bigger, all of a sudden? Time will tell. As long as I've parking space – no worries. Got an offer to record a soundtrack for a children theatre show. Four song playbacks, some background music, special effects, the …

המשיכו בקריאה

Poison River Station, day 437

Good progress on the Radio Play today, over a chicken salad (so help me!) at Mind The Gap. We have, at last, many of the names we needed, including (at last!) a name for the play itself: "The Universe in a Pita" (it sounds much better in Hebrew, of course). Also discussed enough plot for …

המשיכו בקריאה

Poison River Station, day 432

A small car hit a larger one just under my the window of my 3rd floor basement, but that was several days ago, when thousands of people filled up the street and were really gay about it all. I enjoyed it. They enjoyed it too. The drivers refused to cooperate with the merry crowd, but …

המשיכו בקריאה

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