Poison River Station, day 512

Today saw the first ever rehearsal of the PITA MORGANA band, with O. on Guitar, Y.A. on Drums and your humble servant on Bass and Vocals. Worked on "Ectoplasma" and "Monica", the latter turned out so nicely that a recording was made. I listened to it all day. I still do, as I write this. Hopefully I'll relax a bit by tomorrow, or lose all that was left of my connectivity with the real world, assuming that there is actually such a thing.

That was in the morning (which explains the poor quality of my voice in the recording). The evening was spent mixing the stuff recorded last week by Fernando "The Man with the Tan" and his gang. It was nice, it was good music, it was cool people, it was 3 hours without listening to "Monica".

Then I., who'll play Monica, called and got told about "Monica". I'll find some time soon and make her listen to "Monica", assuming I can stop listening to it myself for enough time in order to participate in a coherent conversation.

Poison River Station, day 502


Been to A.H.'s place. It seems he will NOT be Morris, after all. In fact, it seems that we're going to rewrite much of Episode I.
But it was definitely enlightening. I'm hitting H. with everything I've got in order to get him to write a revised draft till the end of the week.
Except for the script, there are only two problems to solve:
1. Who'll play Morris?
2. What to do with A.H.? He's got too great a voice to lose – a guy who smoked one cigarette too many. We must find something for him to do. Oh, well – H. will think of something.

Poison River Station, day 498

What is this frenzie?!

I just completed writing lyrics for three (3!) songs for the PITA MORGANA band, including the series' opening theme ("The Universe in a Pita"), a horrible ripoff of "Daisy Daisy", and a tribute to our very own Monica Computer.

Tomorrow – H. and myself are meeting with A.H., who might play Morris, but who also has some very strict ideas regarding what a radio play should consist of (and, even more strictly – what it shouldn't). H. is slightly terrified, though he took special care telling me that he wasn't. Alas – he cannot fool me.

All the Funkapella members are much relieved to learn that Y., one of our members, has not got the jaundice after all. Therefore there'll be a rehearsal coming tuesday. Thank you oh Y., for your mercy.

All's quiet, except for Leslie, my old and eccentric guitar, upon which I compose(d?) some of the abovementioned stuff. The fact that I don't actually know how to play the guitar doesn't help one bit.

Poison River Station, day 496

Another progress with the casting: A., a very cool actor, stormed in this morning (by phone, I admit), and joined our rank. Then, after slightly banging my head on the wall for not thinking of it before, I called A.H., a guitar player and script writer on his own, with whom I worked in the past in the legendary band "Plutonium". A script draft was sent to him, as he really liked the idea of a Radio Play, and I hope that by this time Sunday we'll already have him join us, thus, at last, solving the problem of whos gonna play Morris the Managing Menace.

Meanwhile, I'm arranging for I. (who, again, will play Monica the Computer) to watch "2001: Space Odyssey", in order to get some inspiration. It's not as if she's to immitate HAL in any way, but she should keep him (yes – HIM) in mind.

H., of course, was quite happy to hear of all those wonderful events, though he was somewhat unsatisfied as to the "insufficient amount of nice girls in the plot". I told him that future episodes might require various female roles, so there's nothing to worry about. However, I added, him being the scriptwriter, I've no intention of having him present during recording sessions. It seems him mood went down a bit at this – I cannot guess why.

Other, unrelated stuff: Fernando "The Man With The Tan" and his gang indeed spent a very nice, if somewhat humid, morning here at the station last Monday (I think). That was the first time ever I recorded a saxophone. Got a very nice sound out of it. Mix will take place sometime next week.

It is getting hotter and hotter all the time. My mind is distracted by it. Also by visions of a new air-conditioner. Which I might buy one day.

Someone's been hiding the trashcans around here. What does this mean?

Poison River Station, day 488

A quantum leap with the Radio Play today, as I., the main (so far single) to be actress, visited the station and was introduced to the script (and vice versa). I was so charmed – I can already see that she will fit the role beautifully, and she was enthusiastic about the project, against such behaviour I'm totally defenseless – that I had severe concentration problems not only during our conversation (I hope I managed to camouflage some of it) but also during most of the rest of the day.
The direct result of that was, of course, that H. suffered another famous J.'s-Rock'n'roll-Continue-Writing talk. I think he's getting used to it. We're starting on episode II tomorrow (though H. doesn't know this yet – he thinks he's entitled to some rest after writing episode I – so gullible…), and it's gonna be real interesting, as I've no real idea how we get our gang or silly protagonists out of the mess they got into.
I'm SO glad I'm not the scriptwriter. I might have more work to do (except for directing the show, I also do the casting, produce, serve as a recording technician and probably play one of the roles), but writing the thing is, I figure, quite harder than the whole of'em put together. However, I'm not sure about it, as we havn't started recording yet. I WILL know soon, though, no worries.

I'm planning a group recording on the roof of the station, to simulate different crowd noises plus a bunch of chickens (for future episodes). We're trying to think of more such group-noises, so the people won't have to come here twice.

Answers from the other actors are still unavailable. We all wait eagerly.

In the near future: Fernando "The Man With The Tan" and his group are going to record some jazz in the station first thing in the morning. This is all very nice and dandy, and reminds me very strongly that I MUST have a new air conditioner.

Got a call from the TA university to let me know that I CAN study Filmmaking there if I want, and if I have all the right documentary by the end of the month. Will have to start looking for it.

All's quiet on the street outside. I wonder whether anything happened. Havn't heard a police siren in more than an hour. Weird.

Poison River Station, day 442

Is it possible that the station is drifting slowly towards the river? Or is the river simply bigger, all of a sudden? Time will tell. As long as I've parking space – no worries.

Got an offer to record a soundtrack for a children theatre show. Four song playbacks, some background music, special effects, the whole thing. To be finished next week.
Nice try, that was.

Another Funkapella III rehearsal tonight. Started working on "Funky Me", which I never managed to actually write on paper. We actually sang the piece, which is very encouraging – I might be able to skip writing charts for some of the other songs as well. However, a thing which I might not be able to skip is the necessity of a new air conditioner in the station. That rehearsal was quite hot, literally.

I let the Funky People listen to the prototype of my new song – "Aliens in Ayalon". They didn't show too much enthusiasm. It seems they didn't get the jokes. It could be that I overdid it when I described a UFO sodomizing the Azrieli Centre Tower. Um.

Work on the Radio Play continues. H., the script writer, is under heavy pressure to complete the draft of the first episode. The actors are waiting, and so am I. Meanwhile, I'm trying to write a good opening song/theme, which proves to be quite difficult. However – we shall overcome.

They stopped molesting the trees outside the station, which is good, I think. I received a municipality bill in the mail. I hope there's no connection.

Reminder: pack gear for tomorrow's dance rehearsal. Make sure you take the gear for tomorrow's dance rehearsal. Don't forget it like the last time you went to a dance rehearsal, or next time there won't BE any dance rehearsal. Oof.

Poison River Station, day 437

Good progress on the Radio Play today, over a chicken salad (so help me!) at Mind The Gap. We have, at last, many of the names we needed, including (at last!) a name for the play itself: "The Universe in a Pita" (it sounds much better in Hebrew, of course). Also discussed enough plot for an episode and a half. And a good number of characters.

The plot, in short: the voyages of a rock band which is kidnapped from earth (a desolate Israeli small town, to be exact) to outer space by a small-time mafia delivery boy. It seems that Morris, the band's agent, lost it over a galactic card game or so. All this is presented in the form of a course of the Galactic Transmitted University, directed by Comissioner Yohai, with Morris as a guest-in-the-studio.

Found a good candidate to play the part of the female computer. She had several nice ideas herself, most notably a humble suggestion to make said computer the main character. Can't blame her.
Tried to catch some other actors I know on the phone all day long, to no avail. That will have to wait for tomorrow.

The most problematic actor to find would be, probably, the one to play the part of Morris. Also Yohai. Both have to be older than the rest of the crew – I give'em 40 at least.

Except for that – a quiet day. Nobody was shot on my street today, and I know for sure that no fires occured between seven and ten PM. I'd have known, the station must be quite near here, though I've never seen it. I guess it is shy, refusing to show itself in public.

Poison River Station, day 432

A small car hit a larger one just under my the window of my 3rd floor basement, but that was several days ago, when thousands of people filled up the street and were really gay about it all. I enjoyed it. They enjoyed it too. The drivers refused to cooperate with the merry crowd, but that was taken care of by the police. It was JUST the place for people with funny costumes.

A weird truck is sodomizing an innocent tree (under my window, again). I think it was sent by the municipality, but I've no proof. I like the tree. I also like trucks, though, to be sure, less violent ones. What to do? I'll keep reporting.

First rehearsal, today, of the group marked "Funkapella III". It is a descendant of "F-I" and "F-II", and hopefully will live longer than they did. The recipe is simple: make a band without any musical instruments except for drums and singers. Many singers. Crazy singers. And those are hard to find. However, some of the singers auditioned today might become crazy enough, with the right treatment.

Two dances to which I composed soundtracks were performed in Jerusalem today. I wanted to go, but a sudden attack of laziness prevented me from doing it. No matter, there'll be other times.

Bats are knocking on my window. Reminder: buy a big spray-can of some sort. Works beautifully as a flamethrower.

S'it – gonna eat.

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